Best Practices for Meetings on Gather

‍To help you hold productive and engaging conversations on Gather, this guide will teach you how to schedule meetings, interact during conversations, and share best practices for meeting in a virtual office.

This guide will cover:


Best Practices for Meetings on Gather

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Morgan Smith

When your team works in a virtual office on Gather, it’s easy to walk up to someone for quick conversations – no meeting required! 

Sometimes it’s helpful to schedule the conversation, however, especially if you’re coordinating with a group of people or want to plan the meeting in advance.  

To help you hold productive and engaging conversations in your virtual office on Gather, this guide will teach you:

  • ミーティングのスケジュール方法
  • Ways to interact during meetings
  • How to keep meetings private
  • How to create custom meeting rooms
  • Best practices for meetings in Gather

Scheduling Meetings on Gather

There are two primary ways you can schedule a meeting in Gather: 

  1. Gatherから直接予約する
  2. With the Gather Meetings Chrome Extension

Gather から直接ミーティングを予約するには : 


Google カレンダーまたは Outlook カレンダーをGather に連携するオプションをクリックします。これにより、Gather から直接新しいカレンダーイベントを作成できるようになり、このパネルに今後の会議予定も表示されます。 

Gather で会議の予約を行う際、3つの開催場所を選択することができます: 

  1. オフィス内の特定の場所
  2. あなたのデスク(私のデスクで会いましょう) 
  3. 任意の空いているプライベートエリア

注意: 特定の場所でミーティングを予約している場合でも、その場所が利用できることを保証するものではありません。実際のオフィスと同じで、前の会議が遅れたり、チームの他の誰かが、あなたがそこで会議をしようとしていることに気づかずにそのエリアに入ったりする可能性があります。空いている場所でのミーティングを確実に予約するには、「任意の空いているプライベートエリア(Any available private area)」を選ぶことをお勧めします。  



既存のミーティングをGather に移動したい場合、カレンダーに定期的に開催される会議を自動的に収集し、Gatherのロケーションを追加することで、これらのイベントを自分で探し出す必要がなくなります。カレンダー設定で、「Gatherに移行」を選択します。  


まず、Gather Meetings Chrome Extensionをダウンロードし、ミーティングをセッティングしたいスペースを選択します。   

Chrome拡張をインストールすると、カレンダーイベントを作成する際に、「ミーティングをスケジュールする」というボタンが表示されます。これをクリックすると、Gather で直接イベントを作成したときと同じように3種類の場所オプションが表示されます:

  1. オフィス内の特定の場所
  2. あなたのデスク(私のデスクで会いましょう) 
  3. 任意の空いているプライベートエリア

ミーティングの参加者は、カレンダーイベント(Google またはGather 内)のリンクをクリックするか、バーチャルオフィス内で直接リンクに移動して、ミーティングに参加することができます。

Interacting During Meetings

When you talk with someone on Gather, you’ll find familiar features to other video conferencing apps: 

  • The option to turn your microphone and camera on or off
  • Different video views you can easily switch between 
  • Screenshare (multiple people can share at the same time)
  • Background blur and virtual backgrounds
  • Real-time chat and quick ways to react

Changing Your Video View

When you’re talking to someone, in the upper right of the screen you’ll see a toggle that will let you change your video view. 

1. Map View: Recommended for open coworking sessions or quick hallway chats

This view keeps your virtual office front and center and places coworkers’ videos in a small line at the top of the screen. It’s best when you still want to see the activity of the office while talking.

2. Meeting View: Recommended for focused conversations and meetings 

This view prioritizes the videos of the people you’re talking to and places them in a grid. It’s best when you don’t want to be distracted by the activity of the office and want to focus on the conversation. 

3. Full Screen View: Recommended when someone shares their screen

If you click on someone’s video, you’ll enter a Full Screen View. This focuses on that window and shifts all others in a line on the left. This is best when someone is sharing their screen or if you want to focus on a single person. 

Sharing Your Screen

Multiple people can share their screen at the same time on Gather. This makes it easy to click back and forth between work, especially in cases like pair programming. 

An example of screen sharing with the Gather Desktop App. The videos on the left are in Minimode

To share your screen, you’ll need to grant permissions from your computer and/or browser. Follow this help doc for more details. 

Background Blur and Virtual Backgrounds

To change the background of your video on Gather, click the video toggle in the bottom navigation bar. Click “Background & Effects.” 

This will allow you to blur your background or set a virtual background. You can choose from some of our preset options or upload your own. 

Meeting Chat and Reactions

An important part of any remote team meeting is the ability to interact without having to un-mute. When talking to teammates on Gather, there are two ways you can silently engage: Chat and Reactions. 

The Chat panel displays on the right side of the screen. You can send a chat to: 

  • Everyone in the room/meeting
  • Everyone in the office
  • A single person via direct message

Using the chat is a great way to ask questions or share ideas while someone is in the middle of talking. 

Reactions allow you to react in the moment with a single emoji. They’ll show up in the lower left as a running feed of the energy of the team. 

To add a reaction, use the Emote Bar in the bottom of the screen. You can also “Raise your Hand” if you have a question, which adds a visual queue that you’d like a turn to talk. 

Keeping Meetings Private

One of the benefits of working in a virtual office (just like a physical office) is that you can see conversations taking place and easily walk up to people at any time. 

For sensitive conversations, however, you may want a little extra privacy. In those cases, you can Lock the meeting. 

To Lock a meeting on Gather, open the Participants Panel. Next to the name of the area you’re in, you’ll see a lock icon. Click this to toggle whether the are is locked or not. 

Once a meeting is locked, anyone trying to enter your area will need to request permission to join. This will prevent anyone from accidentally walking in. 

Other things to know about holding confidential conversations: 

  1. Chat messages will disappear after everyone has left the meeting area. 
  2. The Participants Panel will show everyone in your meeting space, so you can confirm exactly who you’re talking to. 

Creating Custom Meeting Rooms

Your virtual office likely already has a variety of meeting areas in it. (Not sure? Learn about our virtual office floor plans here.) 

A benefit of having a virtual office is that it’s easy to rearrange the furniture without having to physically move or purchase anything. This also gives you a space to move around, which opens up more dynamic meetings formats than a typical video call. 

For example, you could set up a fishbowl meeting where some participants are designated as speakers while others are only listeners. 

Caption: The Lemontech team holds fishbowl meetings in Gather with color-coded chairs. Anyone in the red chairs is there to observe. Anyone sitting in the white, black, or blue chairs can participate in the conversation. 

Looking for inspiration? Check out these 8 meeting formats you can arrange in your Gather office. 

Add collaborative objects like a Whiteboard or Pomodoro Timer

When you’re facilitating a team brainstorm or taking meeting notes, it’s often helpful to do this in a shared workspace so everyone can see what’s happening. 

The Whiteboard objects in Gather are powered by Eraser. This will give you a shared workspace where your team can collaboratively take notes or draw on a canvas. 

When your meeting is done, you can either download your work or leave it on the whiteboard. Just like in real life, it’ll stay there so you can return to it later.  

Beyond the Whiteboard object, you can embed a URL to any object in Gather. This is a great way to link your tools together so everyone can access them while in your office. 

Another built-in item we recommend is the Pomodoro Timer, which automatically implements the Pomodoro technique. This pairs nicely with coworking spaces, to keep everyone focused for a set amount of time before encouraging a social break. 

Best Practices for Meetings in Gather

To get the most out of meetings on Gather, we encourage you to go beyond the meeting itself and interact with your coworkers before and after. 

1. Walk to meetings together

As you’re preparing for a call, stop by your friend’s desk and walk with them to the meeting. Gather gives back these opportunities for casual chats outside of the meeting itself. 

Headed to a full department meeting or all company All Hands? These are great opportunities to catch up with someone you don’t normally talk to in your day to day.  

2. Answer follow-up questions right after a meeting ends

Gone are the days when you leave a Zoom call and have to schedule another one just for a quick follow up with a single person. 

As you leave a meeting on Gather and walk back to your desk, it’s easy to chat with someone to follow-up on action items or gauge reactions. This can save you another round of scheduling calls and help everyone take action faster. 

3. Clear your calendar and cancel some of those meetings 

Gather makes it easy to hold quick conversations and informal catch-ups. If your calendar has become clogged up with coffee chats and standups that mostly serve the purpose of feeling connected to your team, consider canceling these meetings in favor of impromptu conversations.  

As you work in your virtual office together, you’ll feel that sense of connection just by being present together. This can help keep your calendar open for the important conversations that do in fact need to be scheduled ahead of time. 

Grab your team and start holding great meetings in Gather

These tips will help you hold productive, engaging video meetings for your remote team on Gather. 

If your office is already set up, download the Gather Meetings Chrome extension or log in to start customizing meeting areas. 

If you’re ready to try Gather for the first time, grab your team and start holding great meetings.