Y-Verse is a distinguished metaverse studio specializing in the bespoke creation of Gather Town for all sizes of commercial events, whether small gatherings or grand events accommodating up to 10,000 users, and educational environments.

At Y-Verse, we boast a multidisciplinary team of accomplished digital artists, innovative software developers, and seasoned event managers. Working in unison, we transform metaverse ambitions into vivid, interactive realities. We take pride in being long-standing ambassadors ofGather, an esteemed platform where we've hosted an array of standout events.

Our portfolio is adorned with successful collaborations with some of Asia's most prominent brands, including CP, Telenor, Nylon,Summoners War and the Government of Thailand. We've also had the privilege to work with esteemed educational institutions such as the Singapore Institute of Management and Chulalongkorn University.

Our stellar work with the influential TechSauce GlobalSummit further underlines our position at the epicentre of the metaverse revolution. At Y-Verse, we're not just creating virtual worlds; we're crafting the future of digital interaction and connection.

What we offer

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