Raid the Room - Engineering Your Vision on Gather

Raid the Room accelerates your vision for the Metaverse on Gather Town. We can rapidly prototype product ideas as Gather-specific consultants or act as an extension of your team by developing immersive designs and experiences for your remote offices or events.

We’ve developed products and experiences on Gather that have been played by 150,000+ users from 2500+ companies. Both startups and international enterprises have hired us to develop their Metaverse products, events, and offices using Gather. Our focus on software engineering and product design have led us to mastering Gather’s API to bring our clients’ ideas to fruition with speed, accuracy, and scale.

We even co-created Escape the Island with Gather as their first gamified experience on the platform. This immersive escape room experience required pioneering new interactive features and pushed the boundaries of what is possible on Gather (e.g. picking up objects, crafting, superpowers, multiplayer puzzles, and much more).


·      Rapid Prototyping & Product Development

·      Remote Office Enhancement

·      Event Gamification

·      Dashboards/Leaderboards

·      Advanced Data Analytics

·      Immersive Map Design

·      Integrated Branding and Custom Content


·      Timed Racetracks

·      Custom Go Karts/Costumes

·      Escape Rooms

·      Scavenger Hunts

·      Board Games

·      Multiplayer Puzzles

What we offer

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